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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Connecting with NE CASC: How We Work and How to Work with Us

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 | 4:00 pm
William H. Farmer William Farmer
Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center
Addie Rose Holland Addie Rose Holland
Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

Connection Information

Please use this Zoom link to join the webinar:


Do you want to be more involved with the NE CASC community but aren't quite sure how to take the first steps towards this goal? Would you like to know more about who we are, what we do, and how to collaborate with us? Then this webinar is for you! This presentation will discuss the basics of partnering with NE CASC on research projects and other work related to our mission. It will outline the types of work we do, how to make connections with our principal investigators and staff, and how to develop, frame, and submit NE CASC funding proposals. This wide-ranging webinar will begin with an overview of key information regarding NE CASC and will reserve ample time for a Q & A period. Please bring your questions for our speakers.

About the Speakers

William Farmer has served as Acting Federal Director for NE CASC since August 2022. Prior to his current appointment, he was NE CASC's Acting Federal Deputy Director for more than a year. In these roles, he has helped shape NE CASC's long-term strategy and expand its network of partners among other duties. He holds a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and his research focuses on advancing the understanding of water availability for current and future water resources management. 

Addie Rose Holland serves as the Deputy University Director for NE CASC and has been part of its leadership since 2012. Her background includes a mix of geosciences, paleoclimate studies, communications, and business management, all of which help her to guide NE CASC operations, collaborate with the NE CASC team to produce impactful science, and build community around climate adaptation.