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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Climate-Adaptive Population Supplementation (CAPS): Cost-Effective Management for Fish and Forests


Climate-Adaptive Population Supplementation (CAPS) is a framework for adjusting planting and stocking programs to suit changing environmental conditions. It begins with characterizing the climate-resilience traits of each available strain, ideally embracing locally-native strains in addition to widely propagated ones. These trait data allow strategic matching of strains to the current and future environment at each managed site. We will launch parallel experiments with fish and trees to further develop the CAPS concept, and to evaluate its benefits across a range of environments. These paired experimental tests will also facilitate knowledge exchange across management spheres. In the coming year, we will convene an NECASC workshop to bring together population managers across taxa to refine the CASP conceptual framework and discuss barriers to implementation. This co-production process will help identify best management practices that boost the success and cost-effectiveness of population supplementation efforts in the face of climate change. 

About the Speakers

Peter McIntyre is a faculty member in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. Amy Teffer is a postdoctoral researcher at UMass Amherst.