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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

A research and decision support framework to evaluate sea-level rise impacts in the northeastern U.S.


Previous approaches to quantify coastal vulnerability to sea-level rise have had major shortcomings, including the possibility that their underlying assumptions are not uniformly valid. This project conducted a study to distinguish the differing ways that coastal areas of the northeastern U.S. will respond to sea-level rise. This information will be used to develop a scientific research and decision-support program that addresses the cross-cutting and unique problems in these areas related to climate change and sea-level rise.

For more information, visit this USGS project page: Coastal Landscape Response to Sea-Level Rise Assessment for the Northeastern United States

Project Investigators

Nathaniel Plant, Dean Gesch (USGS)
& Radley Horton (Columbia University), North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative



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  • Woods Hole Research Center, Cape Cod and Islands Climate Change and Energy Conference, September 2013, "Sea-level rise and coastal change: likely impacts and possible responses", R. Thieler. (in-person presentation)
  • Presentation at Northeast Regional Oceans Council Meeting, November 2013: "A Research and Decision Support Framework to Evaluate Sea-Level Rise Impacts in the Northeastern U.S." E. Lentz, R. Thieler, N. Plant, S. Stippa, D. Gesch, and R. Horton.
  • Webinar to North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Coastal and Marine Technical Team, February 2013: "Research and Decision Support Framework to Evaluate Sea-Level Rise Impacts for the U.S. Atlantic Coast" E.Lentz, N. Plant, R. Thieler, A. Turecek.