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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Interactions between climate change and beavers in coastal streams

Project Investigators:
Keith Nislow (USFS)
Wil Wollheim (UNH)


This project investigated the effects of climate on multiple aspects of river hydrology, including the interaction with expanding beaver populations in the Northeast. Our findings suggest that beavers increase water retentions, and sometimes flooding, in rivers which increases nitrogen removal.   Information from this project allows managers and citizen groups to understand how the expansion of beavers will intersect with a changing climate to influence river flooding and freshwater quantity and quality. 


  • MBL Undergraduate Research Symposium. Aug 20, 2014. Influence of beavers on streamside vegetation in coastal New England. Lia Tosiello (Brown University) and Christopher Neill (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole)


  • Workshop: Plum Island with collaborators from MBL, UMASS, UNH and Dartmouth College to develop a whitepaper outline on the effects of beavers on watersheds.