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Indigenous Planning Summer Institute

Project Leader:
Project Investigators:
Kyle Whyte, Michigan State University
Dr. Ted Jojola and Michaela Shirley, University of New Mexico Indigenous Planning and Design Institute
Alex Bryan, UMass Amherst


The purpose of the Indigenous Planning Summer Institute (IPSI) is to introduce concepts of Indigenous planning; Examine the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) theoretical model of sustainability as a guide for Indigenous Planning; Visit the Menominee community and forest and surrounding tribal communities to see different examples of Indigenous Planning in practice.

We have slowly built up support for this specific project over the years, including directing support from NE CASC and integrating resources, products and information into this project. The future goal we are working toward is to create indigenous students who are the next leaders, managers, and scientists in their communities, and well versed in indigenous planning concepts, in relation to climate change and other community resiliency topics. We have worked with College of Menominee Nation (CMN) Faculty to participate in the IPSI events to expand their knowledge and introduction to indigenous perspectives from other places. Most times our faculty are focused on teaching because of our limited budgets and opportunities. However, we continue to work with different faculty that help represent the SDI model dimensions in relation to climate change impacts.