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Climate and disturbance factors affecting shifts between grassland and forest biomes over the past century within the upper Midwest

Project Leader:
Project Fellows:
Project Investigators:
Dr. Brian Palik, USFS Northern Research Station
Dr. Shawn Fraver, University of Maine
Dr. John Almendinger, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Dr. Kurt Kipfmueller, University of Minnesota
Dr. Michael Falkowski, University of Minnesota
New York
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This project aimed to quantify the range in variability in forest dynamics and climate responses for range-margin populations of Pinus banksiana and Picea mariana so as to generate management guidelines for conserving these forests on the landscape in an uncertain climatic future.  These species are the cornerstone for several upland and lowland habitat types on the western edge of the Northeast CSC and are particularly vulnerable to future changes in climate and disturbance regimes.  This project took advantage of extensive dendrochronological and forest community data to determine the drivers and future dynamics of key demographic processes for these tree species.


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