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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tyler D. Everett

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
USET Tribal Climate Resilience Intern
University of Maine

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the impacts of emerald ash borer on tribal ash resource and identifying innovative management and mitigation strategies for this issue that include an understanding of silviculture, climate change, and most importantly tribal cultural values. In general my research interests focus on forest entomology, forest ecology, and silviculture.      

Unpublished product:  “EAB RESPONSE: An Ash Resource Inventory Field Manual” By: Tyler Everett


USET Tribal Climate Resilience Intern 


Ph.D. Candidate: Forestry, University of Maine
M.S.: Forestry, University of Maine, 2019
B.S.: Biological Sciences, Forest Ecosystem Sciences, University of Maine


University of Maine Orono, School of Forest Resources
Maine Alliance of Wetland Scientist
Passamaquoddy Forestry Department and Oversett Forest Management Inc.


Consulting Forester Technician, Oversett Forest Management Inc., South Paris, ME, May 2019 to present
Tribal Climate Resilience Intern, United South and Eastern Tribes, USET North East Region, May 2019 to present
Student Trainee in Forestry & BIA Employee, Passamaquoddy Forestry Department, Moose River, ME, May 2017 to present