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Steven Hughes

About the Speaker

Dr. Hughes has been an active researcher in the generalized topic area of fish husbandry for over 40 years. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame while both his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees were earned at Cornell University with combined emphases in nutrition, physiology, and aquaculture. Since 2004, Dr. Hughes has been the Director of the Aquaculture Research and Education Laboratory at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and is responsible for the planning, initiation, and execution of experiments to address research needs in the areas of urban aquaculture, fish nutrition, aquarium fish culture, impact of water quality on fish growth and physiology, and in the control of feeding behavior. The problems addressed are in the broad areas of general fish husbandry (particularly that related to water recirculating aquaculture systems), nutrient sources and use (which includes requirements, energetics, metabolism, and chemosensory aspects), and the impacts of aqueous mineral levels on growth and physiology. In addition, he has recently helped to develop an aquaponics research and production program on the Cheyney University campus which seeks to promote research on plant growth and the expansion of agriculture in urban areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.