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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sarah Weiskopf

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
Ph.D. Student
UMass Amherst

Research Interests

As a biologist at the National Climate Adaptation Science Center, my research broadly focuses on the effects of climate change on terrestrial wildlife and ecosystem services. For my dissertation, I am interested in modeling feedbacks between biodiversity and ecosystem services and their relationship to climate and land use change.

Recent Publications:

Terando, A., Reidmiller, D., Hostetler, S.W., Littell, J.S., Beard, T.D., Jr., Weiskopf, S.R., Belnap, J., and Plumlee, G.S., 2020, Using information from global climate models to inform policymaking—The role of the U.S. Geological Survey: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2020–1058, 25 p.,

Rubenstein, M.A., Weiskopf, S.R., Carter, S., Eaton, M., Johnson. C., Lynch, A., Miller. B.W., Morelli, T.M., Rodriguez, M., Terando, A., Thompson, L. 2020. Do empirical observations support commonly held climate change range shift hypotheses? A systematic review protocol. Journal of Environmental Evidence. 

Weiskopf, S.R., M.A. Rubenstein, L.G. Crozier, S. Gaichas, R. Griffis, J.E. Halofsky, K. J.W. Hyde, T.L. Morelli, J.T. Morisette, R.C. Muñoz, A.J. Pershing, D.L. Peterson, R. Poudel, M.D. Staudinger, A.E. Sutton-Grier, L. Thompson, J. Vose, J.F. Weltzinn, K.P. Whyte. 2020. Climate change effects on biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem services, and natural resource management in the United States. Science of the Total Environment. 

Weiskopf, S.R., McCarthy, J.L., McCarthy, K.P., Shiklomanov, A.N., Wibisono, H.T., Pusparini, W. 2019. The conservation value of forest fragments in the increasingly agrarian landscape of Sumatra. Environmental Conservation. 

Weiskopf, S.R., LeDee O.E., Thompson, L.M. 2019. Climate Change Impacts on Deer and Moose in the Midwest. Journal of Wildlife Management. 

Lipton, D., M. A. Rubenstein, S.R. Weiskopf, S. Carter, J. Peterson, L. Crozier, M. Fogarty, S. Gaichas, K.J.W. Hyde, T.L. Morelli, J. Morisette, H. Moustahfid, R. Muñoz, R. Poudel, M.D. Staudinger, C. Stock, L. Thompson, R. Waples, and J.F. Weltzin, 2018: Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity. In Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II [Reidmiller, D.R., C.W. Avery, D.R. Easterling, K.E. Kunkel, K.L.M. Lewis, T.K. Maycock, and B.C. Stewart (eds.)]. U.S. Global Change Research Program, Washington, DC, USA. doi: 10.7930/NCA4.2018.CH7

Bista, M., Panthi, S., Weiskopf, S.R. 2018. Habitat overlap between Asiatic black bear Ursus thibetanus and red panda Ailurus fulgens in Himalaya. PLOS ONE.

Tessler, M., Weiskopf, S.R., Berniker, L., Hersch, R., McCarthy, K.P., Yu, D. W., Siddall, M.E. 2018. Bloodlines: mammals, leeches, and conservation in southern Asia. Systematics and Biodiversity. 

Weiskopf, S.R., McCarthy, K. P., Tessler, M., Rahman, H., McCarthy, J.L., Faisal, M.M., Siddall, M.E.  2018. Using terrestrial haematophagous leeches to enhance tropical biodiversity monitoring programs in Bangladesh. Journal of Applied Ecology. 

Weiskopf, S.R., Kachel, S.M., McCarthy, K.P. 2016.What are snow leopards really eating? Identifying bias in food habit studies. The Wildlife Society Bulletin. 


M.S. – Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware, 2016
B.S. – Wildlife Conservation, University of Delaware, 2014
B.A. – Biology, University of Delaware, 2014


Department of Environmental Conservation
USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center


Biologist, USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center, 2018 – present
Presidential Management Fellow, USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center, 2016 – 2018
Presidential Management Fellow (Detail), Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Office of Conservation and Water, fall 2017
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Delaware Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, 2014 – 2016