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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Meghna Marjadi

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
University of Massachusetts

Research Interests

A doctoral candidate investigating fish migration patterns and how they may be impacted by climate change, Meghna Marjadi has participated in many diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at UMass. During her term as a NE CASC graduate assistant, Marjadi will collaborate with NE CASC personnel to develop new educational programming focusing on racial and environmental justice issues, expand the reach of existing UMass campus DEI initiatives to the NE CASC community, and create pathways for underrepresented undergraduates to participate in Center activities. A key component of this project will involve developing a webinar series featuring environmental activists and scholars of color to examine the relationship between and intersection of racial and environmental justice. Marjadi will also work with experts inside the UMass community to develop a seminar—directed at NE CASC faculty and staff—that enumerates best practices for attracting and retaining students from underrepresented backgrounds. Ultimately, the seminar will facilitate the creation of a strategy for implementing these best practices at NE CASC. It is hoped that this effort will yield a sustainable model for enhancing diversity within the Center specifically and the climate adaptation field more broadly.

Honors and Awards

  • 2020 OEB Teaching Award
  • 2019 Woodshole Oceanographic Institute ICES ASC Travel Funding Award
  • 2017 Southern New England Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (SNEC) Travel Award
  • 2016 Ohio State University Graduate Enrichment Fellowship 
  • 2016 John Boreman Fisheries Award, Department of Environment and Conservation (ECO), University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 2016 Saul Saila Best Student Paper Award, SNEC-AFS, Winter Meeting

Peer-Reviewed Publications
Marjadi, M. N., A. H. Roy, A. Jordaan, B.I. Gahagan, M. P. Armstrong, and A. R. Whiteley. Larger body size and earlier run timing increase alewife reproductive success in a whole lake experiment. In Press. Canadian Journal of Aquatic and Fisheries Science.

Panchang, S., Drakopulos, L., Robertson, D., Koehn, J. Z., Guo, L., Marjadi, M. N., Transdisciplinary Approaches in Urban Health and Environment: A Reflection on Place and Fish Consumption Advisories in the Gulf Coast. Invited Submission, In Review for Projections Vol. 15 - Practices of Health in Unruly Environments (Spring 2020, MIT Press). (Equal authorship)

Marjadi, M. N., Drakopulos, L., J.Z. Koehn, Guo, L., Robertson, D. Negative Socio-Environmental Feedback Loop Fosters Inequality for Marine Subsistence Fishers. In Prep for Environmental Science and Policy.

Marjadi, M. N., Toman, E, T. Pokémon Go Outside: How does AI influence conservation interest and behavior? In Prep. for Conservation Biology.

Other Publications
Marjadi, M. 2012. Science Mentoring: The Science Club for Girls and the cycle of mentoring. Nature Soapbox Science Blog. 27 June 2012.


Bachelor of Science: Wildlife Biology and English Literature, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2011
Master of Science: Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA, 2016


Research Assistant, River Herring Habitat Project, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2017-present
Co-Lead PI, SEYNC Graduate Pursuit, SEYNC Center (Annapolis, MD), 2017-present
Graduate Enrichment Research Fellow, Ohio State University, 2016-17
Research Assistant, River Herring Habitat Project, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2014-16t
Research Assistant, Lower Mystic Fish Advisory Project, Mystic River Watershed Association, 2013-14
Project Coordinator, Herring Monitoring Research Project, Mystic River Watershed Association, 2012-13
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