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Marisa ValeCruz

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
M.S. Student
Cornell University

Research Interests

I am motivated by our global struggle to balance human needs with those of the environment. As a stream ecologist, my primary research interest is in how we can restore aquatic systems when that balance has been upset. My current project at Cornell University focuses on the ecosystem consequences of restored fish migrations in a river that will soon be fully reconnected with Lake Michigan. In studying the flow of energy and nutrients throughout the watershed, I hope to understand how the river might respond when populations of fish that have been absent for over a century return. 


B.S. in Ecology: The University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology. Athens, Georgia, 2017.


Cornell University Department of Natural Resources and the Environment


Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps, 2019-2020
Expedition Leader, National Geographic Student Expeditions, 2019
Naturalist, University of Georgia Costa Rica, 2018
Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia, 2018