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Laura Ganley

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
Ph.D. Candidate
UMass Amherst

Research Interests

I am interested in determining local, regional, and global drivers of North Atlantic right whale distribution in the Gulf of Maine with the goal of using these drivers to forecast right whale movement in order to aid in conservation of this endangered species. 

Relevant Publications (not NE CASC funded)

Ganley, L.C., Brault, S., Mayo, C.A. (in press). What we see is not what there is: Estimating North Atlantic right whale Eubalaena glacialis local abundance. Endangered Species Research. doi:

Accardo, C.M., Ganley L.C., Brown M.W., Duley P.A., George J.C., Reeves R.R., Heide-Jørgensen M.P., Tynan C.T., Mayo C.A. (in press). Sightings of a Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus) in the Gulf of Maine and its Interactions with Other Baleen Whales. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.

Mayo, C.A., Ganley, L., Hudak, C.A., Brault, S., Marx, M.K., Burke, E., and Brown, M.W. (2018).  Distribution, demography, and behavior of North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts: 1998 – 2013. Mar Mam Sci, 34: 979:996. doi:


How and why is the timing and occurrence of seasonal migrants in the Gulf of Maine changing due to climate?


B.S.: Zoology, University of New Hampshire, 2007


University of Massachusetts, Boston


Aerial Survey Observer, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Bowhead Whale Aerial Survey Program and Chukchi Sea Offshore Monitoring in Drilling Area 2014-2018
Right Whale Aerial Survey Observer and Flight Coordinator, large whale and sea turtle disentanglement team member, humpback whale program research assistant, Center for Coastal Studies 2009 – 2014
Wildlife Trust Right Whale Aerial Survey Observer Southeast US 2008