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Jack B. Waide


Research Interests

Prior to making the transition to research management, the bulk of my personal research focused on the dynamics and resilience of ecosystems in the southern and southeastern US; ecosystem responses to management actions, human and natural disturbance, and climate variability; and issues related to ecosystem stability and hierarchical organization.

Specific aspects of my research and management experience and interests include:

  • Leading, developing, managing, and coordinating federal agency R&D programs
  • Improving linkages among ecological science; land, watershed, and ecosystem management and restoration; and natural resource policy
  • Research and monitoring to enhance understanding of factors influencing the structure, function, and resilience of ecosystems and their component species and processes, and to assess impacts of land and resource management practices, climate change & variability, and human and natural disturbances, on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, watersheds, and natural resources
  • Building the vision, institutional capacity, and scientific foundation for sustainable, adaptive management of ecosystems, watersheds, and natural resources
  • Improving the delivery, communication, and application of scientific knowledge and information to and by natural resource manager


Biology and Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1970
Systems Ecology and Ecosystem Science, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1976


USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center


Research Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, USAE Waterways Experiment Station, 1981-1984
Research Ecologist, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, USDA Forest Service R&D, 1984-1989
Senior Ecologist, Ecological Assessment and Resource Management Group, FTN Associates Ltd., 1992-1998
Project Leader & Research Ecologist, Forest Hydrology Laboratory, Forest Service R&D, 1989-1992
National Program Leader for Ecosystem Research - Wildlife, Fish, Water & Air Research Staff, USDA Forest Service R&D, 1998 to 2003 (Acting Staff Director, 2000-2001)
Assistant Director, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service R&D, 2003 to 2004
National Program Coordinator, Terrestrial, Freshwater, and Marine Ecosystems Program, US Geological Survey, 2004 to 2006
Branch Chief and Supervisory Ecologist, Wetlands Ecology Branch, USGS National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC), 2006 to 2008
Research Ecologist, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1980-1981
Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Clemson University, 1976-1979
Deputy Center Director, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
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