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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Hillary Sullivan

NE CASC Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Researcher
Woodwell Climate Research Center

Research Interests

Hillary Sullivan is a coastal marine scientist focused on salt marsh biogeochemistry. Her current
PhD research at Northeastern University focuses on the impact of hydrologic alterations on
biogeochemical cycling. Particularly, she is focusing on how nitrogen and carbon cycles are
disrupted after marsh disturbance, and whether they are restored after hydrologic adaptation
strategies are implemented. Ultimately, Hillary hopes to provide knowledge that will both
inform policy and raise awareness for protecting and preserving vital coastal marsh systems.


Woodwell Climate Research Center
Northeastern University Marine Science Center
Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Plum Island LTER


P.h.D Candidate, Northeastern University: 2019-Present
M.S. Biology: Clark University 2014
B.A. Environmental Science, Clark University 2013


Margaret Davidson Fellow, NOAA: 2022-2024
Research Associate, Woodwell Climate Research Center: 2016-Present
Research Assistant II: Marine Biological Laboratory: 2015-2016
Research Assistant: Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium: 2014-2015


Besterman, A.F. R.W. Jakuba, H.L. Sullivan, J.E. Costa, W. Ferguson, D. Brennan, and L.A. Deegan. 2022. Early responses to runnels in southern New England Salt Marshes. Southern New England Program Final Report.
Babitch, J.W., J.A. Nelson, L.A. Deegan, H.L. Sullivan, and B.A. Stauffer. 2021. Resolving estuarine nitrogen use by phytoplankton communities using a whole ecosystem tracer approach. Estuaries and Coasts: 1-16.
Bowen, J.L., A.E. Giblin, A.E. Murphy, A.N. Bulseco, L.A. Deegan, D.S. Johnson, T.J. Mozder, J.A. Nelson, and H.L. Sullivan. 2020. Not all nitrogen is created equal: Differential effects of nitrate versus ammonium addition in coastal wetlands. BioScience 70: 1108-1119.