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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Evan Murdock

Past Fellow


After completing a Ph.D. in Env Science from UW Madison, Evan now works in consulting.


M.S.: Water Resources Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2006
B.A.: Physics, Macalester College, 1996
Ph.D.: Env Science, UW Madison 2017

Research Interests

My undergraduate research work focused on the characterization of amorphous carbon thin films. During my graduate career I have studied a number of aspects of water resources, including phosphorus transport in agricultural streams, and the impacts of climate change on stream temperature, and how that impacts regulated thermal discharges.

My current research interests hinge on the impacts of climate change on water resources in the Midwest, and how communities can and will react to those changes, with a particular focus on the impacts of rising temperatures on spring runoff and recharge through alterations to winter and spring processes such as snowpack formation, soil frost formation, and snowmelt. I am coupling downscaled climate model data to a one- dimensional physical model that simulates the movement of heat and water through a soil column to better understand how these key processes may be impacted in the future.

In addition to my physical modeling work, I am interested in how resource managers and institutions react to scientific information on climate change, and how scientists can best focus their work to provide meaningful decision support. This includes understanding how decision makers view risk and uncertainty over various time scales.