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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Elizabeth Lotter

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
M.S Student
UMass Amherst

Research Interests

I study the hydrology of rivers and watersheds in the presence of dams. I research how these systems can be resilient to the multiple stressors of impoundment, climate change, and economic development.

Berryman, N., Burt, J., Fortier, J., Lotter, E., Mackay, B., Paquin, C., Quock, A. Stock, M., Teitelbaum, T., Wellen, C. (2005). “Aa-Wiishaautuwiihkw (Coming Together to Walk Together): Creating a Culturally Appropriate Protected Area in Paakumshumwaau (Old Factory) James Bay, Quebec,” Undergraduate Thesis, McGill University, Montreal.



B.A. Environment and Development, McGill University, Montreal, QC 2005
Massachusetts Secondary Educator License, CES, Northampton, MA 2016


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Assistant, UMass Amherst 2019-2021
STEM Teacher, Eaglebrook Summer School, Deerfield, MA 2014-2019
Science & Mathematics Teacher, Hadley, MA 2011-2017
Volunteer, Peace Corps El Salvador, 2007-2009
Conservationist, Coconino Rural Environment Corps, Flagstaff, AZ 2006-2007