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Ashley Atkins Spivey

About the Speaker

Dr. Ashley Atkins Spivey is the Executive Director of Kenah Consulting, a Virginia Small Women and Minority (SWAM) certified anthropological consulting firm that works for tribal communities and cultural heritage institutions across the United States on projects that strengthen tribal sovereignty and advocate for the protection of cultural, historical, and natural resources. Dr. Spivey’s academic and professional experience as an anthropologist has exposed her to a variety of cultural resource management and historic preservation needs within indigenous communities. She has worked with tribes as well as university and museum institutions to address those needs through utilizing her expertise in ethnographic and historical research, tribal historic preservation, cultural resource management, and tribal museum management. As a member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, Dr. Spivey has had a life-long connection to the Virginia Indian community. Dr. Spivey has collaborated with several of Virginia’s tribes and Native communities across the country, resulting in grant funding for over 4 million dollars to support tribal initiatives and several university and museum programs that incorporate and serve indigenous communities.