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Ambarish Karmalkar

Affiliated Investigator
Research Assistant Professor
UMass Amherst

Research Interests

The main focus of Ambarish’s research is regional climate variability and change, and evaluating uncertainty in climate modeling and projections. He is interested in developing methods to characterize and quantify uncertainties in model projections by using observations and by diagnosing model imperfections. At the NE CACS, he is focussed on producing and communicating physically consistent and spatially coherent information on climate change and associated uncertainties for impacts assessment. In particular, he studies observed and projected climatic changes in the northeast US relevant for hydrological and ecological impacts.

His previous work involved regional climate modeling over Central America and the Caribbean as well as global climate modeling at the Met Office Hadley Center. At the Met Office, he was involved in creating large perturbed parameter ensembles (PPE) in an effort to comprehensively sample key uncertainties in climate model projections. 


Ph.D.: Geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010
M.S: Astronomy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2005
M.Sc.: Physics, University of Mumbai India, 2001
B.Sc. Physics, University of Mumbai India, 2001


Scientist, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK, 2012 to 2015
Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford University, UK, 2010 to 2012
NASA Summer Internship, NASA GISS, New York, 2006 to 2007


A perturbed parameter ensemble of HadGEM3-GC3.05 coupled model projections: part 1: selecting the parameter combinationsDrivers of exceptional coastal warming in the northeastern United StatesHydrological extremes across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a changing climate
Climate System Research CenterClimate assessments for local actionIdentifying credible and diverse GCMs for regional climate change studies\textemdashcase study: Northeastern United StatesFinding plausible and diverse variants of a climate model. Part II: development and validation of methodologyIdentifying credible and diverse GCMs for regional climate change studies—case study: Northeastern United StatesClimate Assessments for Local ActionResilient MA: Climate Change Clearinghouse for the CommonwealthInterpreting results from the NARCCAP and NA-CORDEX ensembles in the context of uncertainty in regional climate change projectionsConsequences of Global Warming of 1.5 \textdegreeC and 2 \textdegreeC for Regional Temperature and Precipitation Changes in the Contiguous United StatesQuantifying uncertainty in future floods and drought conditions in the Northeastern United States using regionally downscaled climate projectionsWhen Does Choice of Downscaling Method Matter in Decision Making? A Case Study with Maple Syrup ProductionA review of observed and projected changes in climate for the islands in the CaribbeanTHE CARIBSAVE CLIMATE CHANGE RISK ATLAS (CCCRA): Climate Change Risk Profile for BarbadosClimate change in Central America and Mexico: regional climate model validation and climate change projectionsHigh resolution stalagmite climate record from the Yucat\ an Peninsula spanning the Maya terminal classic periodUncertainties in climate change projections and regional downscaling in the tropical Andes: implications for water resources managementClimate change scenario for Costa Rican montane forests
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