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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amanda Davis

Past Fellow

Research Interests

I am interested in researching, identifying, and communicating how New England’s coastal environments and resources are affected by climate change.  I looked into how environmental changes can impact the resilience of coastal fish, with a focus on anadromous river herring. To investigate these interests I collected current data from coastal areas and collaborated with several entities to compile and analyze previous datasets.


Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool: The Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool can be used by local decision-makers, conservation managers, land trusts, regional planners, landowners, and community leaders in Massachusetts who are interested in taking action in response to climate change. Users can access information on climate change impacts and the vulnerabilities of various fish and wildlife and their habitats. The tool also allows users to explore adaptation strategies and actions to help maintain healthy, resilient natural communities in the face of climate change. (MA Division of Marine Fisheries)


B.S. Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA, 2013