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Since our inception in 2012, NE CASC has collaborated with Department of Interior agencies as well as federal, state, Tribal and NGO resource managers. Through these collaborations, we design research and employ the latest science to improve climate adaptation planning and implement strategies to address climate-related management challenges, including:

  • Compounding effects of multiple stressors
  • Vulnerability of key resources
  • Building adaptive capacity
  • Landscape-level planning

We work to deliver science that is actionable, translatable, scalable, and produced in partnership with resource managers in order to increase its utility. 

Co-Production of Actionable Science

Climate change and climate extremes, particularly events that are correlated and sequenced, pose significant challenges to the effective, long-term stewardship of our nation’s land, water resources, and bird, aquatic, and terrestrial species. Adaptation strategies to address these challenges require co-production of actionable science that recognizes and integrates real-world contexts within which managers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders operate.

Co-production is a key feature of the science produced by NE CASC and reflects widely recognized best practices for developing actionable science, which yields data, analyses, projections, or tools capable of supporting resource management decision-making regarding risks and impacts of climate change.

Our approach to co-produced science includes three main characteristics:

  • Widespread and sustained engagement with federal, state, Tribal nation, and local agencies to identify management decisions that require supporting science
  • Use of an iterative and collaborative process that actively engages stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project
  • Development and delivery of tools and products that support decision-makers without prescribing solutions 

Since our inception, NE CASC has collaborated with hundreds of partners to co-produce high-impact science that preserves natural and cultural resources and benefits society. As a result, we have helped develop an informed, engaged, and results-oriented community that is constantly expanding.


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