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Expanding the Regional Climate Adaptation Science Community: NE CASC Holds Successful Open House

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Amplifying our commitment to increasing the size and vibrancy of the regional climate adaptation science community, NE CASC recently held a virtual Open House that provided both prospective and current NE CASC partners with the opportunity to learn about how we work, interact with our team members, and engage in breakout discussions on key climate adaptation topics. Held on October 4th via Zoom, the one-hour event proved successful, drawing approximately 50 attendees from federal and state agencies, NGOs, and research institutions across the Northeast.

Noting that the past several months have been an extremely busy time for NE CASC, University Codirector Bethany Bradley kicked off the Open House with a brief overview discussing some of the positive recent developments at the center.  During this presentation, Bradley introduced Carrie Brown-Lima as the new NE CASC regional administrator (a position formerly referred to as “federal director”), shared results from a recently completed self-study that illustrates the centrality of relationships to developing useful science for managers, and provided information about an anticipated project solicitation that will support new climate adaptation research. Open House participants were invited to ask questions about these announcements in the plenary session and also had the opportunity to discuss them in a breakout group that focused on best practices for forming partnerships with us as well as processes for submitting project proposals. 

For long-time NE CASC collaborators already familiar with our operations, the Open House also offered breakout groups on climate smart management, strategies for engaging and communicating with stakeholders, and methods for assessing restoration projects. Many NE CASC team members took part in these lively conversations, including Kostas Andreadis, Bethany Bradley, Carrie Brown-Lima, Steph Courtney, Anthony D’Amato, Will Farmer, Radley Horton, Toni Lyn Morelli, Keith Nislow, Marissa Weiss, Jon Woodruff, and Brian Yellen. 

“The Open House proved to be a terrific experience,” said Bradley. “In addition to helping NE CASC renew connections with established partners, it introduced us to many new researchers and managers interested in working with us on new projects. It was exciting to learn about their priorities, exchange ideas with them, and begin developing plans for future interactions. Because developing and sustaining relationships is crucial to our success, I found it encouraging to see tangible new evidence that our community is continuing to grow at a fast pace. Expanding our networks will only make us more effective in serving our region and addressing key climate challenges.” 

The October Open House was the second such event NE CASC has hosted in the past year. A third Open House will take place in the coming months, and we encourage our friends and collaborators to spread the word about this event when it is announced.