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Announcing the Northeast Refugia Research Coalition

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Northeast Refugia Research Coalition (NE RRC) officially kicked off at the NE CSC's Regional Science Meeting in May. The goal of the group is to bring together natural resource managers and scientists from across the region who are interested in using (or just learning more about) climate change refugia management as a tactic for conserving species in the face of climate change.

One of the first steps of the NE RRC, which occurred at the refugia workshop at the Regional Science Meeting, was to develop a preliminary short list of species and ecosystems to focus northeast refugia mangement and mapping.  Through a process of real-time voting and discussion the group developed a long list that was pared down to a short list, below.

The next step will be to get groups together based on species/ecosystem expertise and interest to discuss potential management plans or decisions for which prioritization would be helpful and what information exists related to environmental layers, species surveys, etc., to inform refugia identification and mapping.

Contact Toni Lyn Morelli if you're interested in this overall effort and in particular discussions and mapping for the following species/ecosystems (feel free to choose >1 or add your own):

  • Cold water streams/brook trout
  • Glacial lakes/walleye, cisco
  • Vernal pools/salamanders
  • Spruce-fir/moose, Bicknell's thrush, Canada lynx, marten, snowshoe hare
  • Sugar maple/maple syrup
  • Coastal sand plains

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