Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Cultural Resources






The NE CASC region includes many cultural resources that are increasingly vulnerable in a changing climate, including social processes, aesthetic experiences, recreational opportunities, and other cultural (ecosystem) services that natural resources provide. Of particular focus for the NE CASC are the Tribal nations whose many languages and cultural lifeways reflect the region’s diverse geography, climate, and biological resources. Vulnerabilities are increasingly exposed as shifting seasons impact each Tribe’s unique cultural, social, and economic connections to the land. NE CASC activities in this area include assessing the breath of cultural resources in the Northeast region threatened by climate change and developing and recommend adaptation strategies; supporting tribal adaptation planning focused on culturally important species; building networks and providing forums for Tribes to co-produce adaptation planning tools with other Tribes, climate scientists, and resource managers; and centering Indigenous knowledge in climate adaptation science and the important work and perspectives of Tribal Nations and communities throughout the Northeast.