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Future of Aquatic Flows Year 0


N CASC in collaboration with NE CASC coordinated three “Year 0” webinars to launch the cross-CASC theme, Future of Aquatic Flows, in March, April, and May 2021. The goals of these webinars were to identify and discuss:

  1. Regional research themes and mentors for the FoAF postdoc cohort.

  2. Management themes and manager-partners for FoAF projects. 

  3. National themes for a national-scale FoAF synthesis.

  4. Logistical information about FoAF funding and how to submit proposals for this funding opportunity.

Priorities for Research

  • Hydrologic extremes
    • flooding 
    • drought
  • Consequences of changing flow regimes for habitat and species
  • The intersection of changing flow regimes & environmental justice 
    • This priority is connected to habitat & species, also cultural resources
  • Modeling
    • No single model is the right one for all contexts
    • Evaluating and communicating about strengths and limitations of models
    • Aligning models with context, needs, and objectives 
  • Questions about scale, for research and collaboration:
    • Local, regional, watershed, basin
  • National themes require a longer process to define the CASC niche at the nexus of Actionable Science, Climate, Ecosystems (Species & Habitat), and Aquatic Flows.

CASC Network-Scale Opportunities

  • Improve frameworks for monitoring and managing flooding and drought
    • Need for integrated frameworks that consider management, environmental justice, cultural resources, habitat, and species. 
  • Mississippi River Basin
  • Defining the CASC niche and possible federal collaborators focussed on management:
    • BLM, US FWS Ecological Science Applications, NPS
  • Ecological indicators, national consistency in developing and defining indicators
  • Conceptual models that integrate flows, habitat, management, non-human and human needs