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Incorporating climate change into invasive species management: insights from managers


Evelyn Beaury

E.J. Fusco

M.R. Jackson

B.B. Laginhas

Toni Lyn Morelli

V.J. Pasquarella

B.A. Bradley

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Publication Type:
Journal Article
Year of Publication:
Secondary Title:
Biological Invasions


Interactions between invasive species and climate change present new challenges for invasive species management. However, it was unclear what the common concerns, management strategies, limitations, and research needs were for managing invasive species in a changing climate. In a survey of invasive species managers from government, non-profit, and private organizations across the U.S., Beaury et al. (2019) found that the majority of managers were very concerned about the influence of climate change on invasive species management but their organizations were significantly less so. Managers reported that lack of funding and personnel limited their effective management, and lack of information on how to manage presented an added challenge when considering the combination of invasive species and climate change. Even so, 65% of managers reported successfully incorporating climate change into their management, which can be further facilitated by connecting managers across regions and by integrating existing research findings into management strategies. This study shows that if addressed collaboratively, climate change might be an opportunity to increase the efficiency and success of current management efforts.